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Vista dalla Torre Truglia


Webcam images are transmitted directly and do not constitute historical archives.

Each webcam is installed in compliance with the privacy regulations, in force in the country where it is located.

For the webcam site on the Italian territory we refer to the law of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of ‘ 8 April 2010 (http://www.garanteprivacy.it/garante/doc.jsp?ID=1712680), in the specific point 4.5.

In compliance with the current regulations, it is communicated that the shootings carried out through our webcams are carried out from a distance so as not to permit the recognition of the somatic traits of the subjects; They are without the possibility to use the zoom function and do not allow the pan.

Time-lapse videos, which are featured on webcams with a wide viewing angle, are generated by capturing a frame every 6 minutes, for a total of 18 hours, with degraded quality compared to the original frames. They are overwritten daily with recent images and, under no circumstances, the system stores the precedents, nor the frames that constitute them.

If you believe that a webcam has been moved from its original installation position, due to natural or artificial phenomena, thus causing a risk for privacy, please notify the support team promptly at the email address: info@sperlongaturismo.it

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