These frescoes represent the moment of one of the multiple pirate invasions in Sperlonga. In particular, the one that took place in 1534 when Sultan Suleiman I sent KAIR ED DIN, one of the most feared pirates of the time, to kidnap the beautiful princess of Fondi, Giulia Gonzaga. The princess married Vespasiano Colonna at the age of 13 in 1526 and remained a very young widow and was famous in all courts for her beauty. The sultan, in fact, seeing a portrait of her, fell in love with it. In these scenes, the moment of the Saracen raid is depicted that set the town of Sperlonga and the neighboring cities on fire. The kidnapping of the princess was not successful because, according to a legend, one of her servants who was in Sperlonga ran to the nearby city of Fondi to warn her princess that she managed to escape in the night and take refuge according to the legend in Naples.