We are at Belvedere Monte Circe. The name is due to the panorama that allows us to admire the promontory of San Felice Circeo in the distance. From here we can also admire the two lakes of Sperlonga: the San Puoto lake and the Lago Lungo Lake (Long lake). Let’s talk about Sperlonga’s history.

The town of Sperlonga owes its name to the presence of natural caves – speluncae- which we meet along its coast. It’s shoreline also takes the name of Riviera di Ulisse, in reference to the Homeric hero who, according to legend, bewitched by the call of the sorceress Circe and given the beauty of our coasts could not help but stay there.

According to tradition Sperlonga has very ancient origins and many have reason to believe that it was built on the ruins of an ancient Greek city: Amyclae. This colony was founded by the Lacons, and was under the rule of Glaucus, son of the king of Crete Minos. The Laconi population merged with the indigenous Ausoni people. Legend has it that Amyclae was abandoned due to an invasion of snakes.