This square is called the Belvedere of Tiberius cave because we can see in the distance the cave of Tiberius which is part of the remains of the emperor’s villa. In Roman times, Sperlonga had great fortune and many Roman villas grew along its coasts. One of these was the residence of Emperor Tiberius. Second Roman emperor, belonging to the Julio Claudia family, he ruled from 14 to 37 BC. The imperial residence was developed for over three hundred meters in length and today the archaeological remains of the apartments are visible. The jewel of the residence is the natural cave, which we can admire in the distance, preceded by a large rectangular tank (fishpond) with sea water, which had been used by the emperor as a nymphaeum and decorated with marble groups depicting the stories of Ulysses, remains of the which today are preserved in the national archaeological museum.